Adobe Creative Suite

I have this software on my computer which I have been trying to uninstall.  Can’t do it the easy way so I was told I need to manually delete the files.  I’m looking for Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Adobe.  What is (user name)?  I can’t find this directory to continue to delete the files.  Can someone help me?  Thank you.


Have you tried the following guide from Adobe:

Also consider using Revo Uninstaller (Freeware and Professional versions)

The Uninstaller tool lists the installed programs and components for all and current user. With a choice of views, as well as a context menu, information on program components is available: program properties, their registry entries and links to manufacturer's web site, for a start. The "Search" option finds installed applications just by typing the first few letters of their name. Revo Uninstaller Pro scans for leftovers with even more advanced algorithms that are so precise, fast and very effective in search for leftovers of Windows Services, Drivers, File associations, Shell Extensions, COM components, Windows Installer components, program settings and more!

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