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I have been trying to get gear of war 4 on my PC now for about 5 days the file is about 113 gigs I have tried download about 10 times when i have got it to work with play button to click just go to load logo the goes to black screen then back windows desk top. I have tried to get help from technician called in been hung up on over 10 times. been transferred from Xbox to PC technician several time wasted about at least 40 hrs of my life  all because the fills are messed up on the download site. My windows is up to date. My video card GeForce GTX 760 up to date. I have 24 gigs of Ram. solid stat 500 gig hard drive and 900 gig disc hard drive. Technician have took control of my computer still can’t get my gear of war 4 working. With all this security and stuff to make it hard for people to copy the game and stuff like that, they make it impossible for regular people to play the game and the techs to fix the problem cheers Microsoft.


Hi James,

Corrupted game installation files, an outdated version of the game and the Windows 10 OS, and software conflicts that occur when running the game are possible reasons as to why you're encountering issues launching the game. Let's first determine if your device meets the game requirements. To do so, kindly follow the steps provided on this link on how to find out if a game will work on your Windows 10 device.

If your device meets the requirements and the same issue occurs, kindly perform the following troubleshooting methods:

Solution 1: Run apps troubleshooter

Issues with games and apps downloaded from the Windows Store can be resolved by running the Windows apps troubleshooter. Click this link to proceed.

Solution 2: Check for updates

Keeping the game and the Windows 10 PC up-to-date can help resolve performance and stability issues with games on Windows 10. Refer to the following links for the steps:

Solution 3: Perform a clean boot

This process helps eliminate software conflicts that occur when running games on Windows 10. See How to perform a clean boot in Windows for the steps.

Solution 4: Disable third-party antivirus software

If you're using a third-party antivirus program, we suggest that you temporary disable it.

Let us know how it goes after performing the aforementioned solutions.