Touchpad Stopped Working

I clean installed the latest version of Windows 10 but after two days my touchpad stopped working. After searching the internet for two days I didn’t get any answer about how I could solve this problem.

I’m using Lenovo Yoga 500 with Windows 10 64bit. Currently, I’m just dependent on my touchscreen and external mouse to use my computer.

I’ve already tried updating the drivers, checking all the mouse-related settings but nothing seems to work.

How can I solve this problem?


Great to hear that the concern with the touchpad has been resolved after the recent update. In regards to your question about what could have caused the issue, there are a variety of possible reasons that this could happen. For example, this could be caused by device drivers that needs to be updated or system files that got corrupted. For additional information on what a specific update contains, we suggest that you check the information available on this link. This contains the historical updates that have been sent out to different versions of Windows 10.



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