Access to Homegroup by Windows 10 and Windows 7 laptops

<p>Our household has 2 laptops – one running Windows 10 and another on Windows 7, both 64 bit.&nbsp; I successfully set up a Homegroup using the Windows 10 machine and added the Windows 7 machine to the Homegroup.&nbsp; When I access the Homegroup on the Windows 10 machine, I can find the Windows 7 machine and access all documents, pictures and videos as expected.&nbsp; When I access the Homegroup on the Windows 7 machine, I can not see any of these items — only the library icons, but clicking on them does not open anything.&nbsp; </p><p></p><p>I went back to the Windows 10 machine and selected a couple of random folders in my Documents library, right clicked and marked them "Share with Homegroup (view and edit)".&nbsp; Once I did this, the folders appeared on the Windows 7 Homegroup screen (not within the Documents library icon, but on the same screen next to the library icons).&nbsp; When I click to open the folder on the Windows 7 machine, I get the following:&nbsp; Error Code: 0x80070035 The network path was not found.&nbsp; When I click "Diagnose", it returns a message saying "Windows can’t find "&lt;folder path name&gt;". The name might be misspelled."&nbsp; I clicked "Next" and the troubleshooting ends with confirming the Windows 10 laptop exists, but Windows can’t find "Users".</p><p></p><p>Please help as I cannot find any useful information in online searches.</p>



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