CPU Usage limited to 22%?

So when I use my computer and I do heavy tasks like video editing, my CPU hits 100% usage and gets respectable temps of around 60-75C while rendering (this is Balanced Performance Mode, by the way). However, the moment I plug in my laptop, my CPU usage in Task Manager will never exceed 22% (0.60GHz) and my temps drop down to 50-60 (and this is still balanced performance mode, by the way). And the moment, I unplug it, my CPU usage hits 100% and my temps rise to 60-75C. Could this have something to be with the battery? By the way, I don’t know if this helps, but I found it weird, my laptop has a 97W battery and my laptop charger is only rated at 60W. Could that be the problem? (I don’t think this is thermal throttling either)


When you are on the charger you are bypassing the battery, if the charger is not putting out the correct wattage then the computer will automatically lower the power to the CPU, most likely in the bios of the motherboard.

When you are disconnected from the charger you are on pure battery and getting the proper watts for you CPU.


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