New Laptop, Black Screen on Start-up

I just switched from one Windows 10 laptop to a new one and almost everything is going good except one thing. Upon start-up, the lock screen sans-password entry briefly appears (which I know I was able to remove on my last laptop but can’t remember how) and after that, the screen goes black for about 10 minutes before transitioning to my home screen. Why is that black screen happening and how can I avoid it? I tried updating the graphics card and it got to 99% and then the entire screen went black. I waited 30 minutes and then finally hit the power button to restart.

All updates have been installed, bloatware has been removed, and as many personal settings as I could have been applied. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: HP Laptop 17-ak0xx AMD 19-9420 Radeon R5 Processor 


That's a very insightful answer! 

I chatted with HP support and they remotely took care of the problem within seconds. It was actually a solution I had previously tried but I guess they had the magic touch? 

From what I gather they started a RUN command and typed in "msconfig." From "system configurations" they tapped "services" and unchecked the box next to "App Readiness" and applied. Then my computer restarted and booted up without a hitch. I was so surprised! 

If I ever run in to anymore troubles I will definitely take heed of your suggestions, David. Thank you for your help! 


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