Windows 10 update causing PC lags and Blue screen issues still.

All updates current,  have reinstalled windows .  Have run Windows update trouble shooter.  Upon start up these messages pop up.  Warning  The Model does not support WMI.  Error  g_ppAsWMI_NotOpen  Error  getMode.     My computer constantly lags and stops working.  I thought it may be an internet issue as I kept losing my connection momentarily.  Any attempt to manually correct would cause a blue screen,  however if I just wait a moment it reconnects.  I’ve now noticed that it’s not just the internet connection that stops it’s any program I’m working with.   I have updated all drivers and done various other suggested fixes.  Any help would be appreciated.   I’m using an 2 year old Asus.


Update the ASUS Key Suite to version 1.03.05:


Please upload no more than three copiesof your dump files that were created during the last 14 days as shared files to your OneDrive with a link here.


Dump files are usually found at c:windowsminidump. You may need to change your settings in Windows to be able to see the files. To show hidden files select the keyboard shortcut Win+S, type File Explorer Options in the Search box and click Folder Options in the drop down menu. Select View, Advanced Settings and verify that the box before "Show hidden files and folders" is checked and "Hide protected operating system files" is unchecked. You may need to scroll down to see the second item. You should also make certain that the box before "Hide extensions for known file types" is not checked.


Please download and run Driver View and upload a copy of the report it produces to your OneDrive. To get a report on all drivers select Edit, Select All followed by File, Save Selected Items. Text file format please, HTML files are less easy to work with.


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