How to set highest resolution screen capture

I need the highest resolution screen capture for my work. So I turned off  Clear Type Text and tried to increase color intensity. But I failed to find the “color intensity” in Windows 10.

Please help me to find “color intensity”  in Windows 10 or recommend the other way to increase screen resolution


HI Brie, I recommend that you try the following two methods.
Firstly the resolution of your screen capture depends on the display resolution. To improve screenshot you should increase the display resolution. So do as follows:
Right click on your desktop, and choose Display settings
Press Advanced display settings
Find Resolution, choose the drop-down menu to select the one you need.
Tap Apply
Note: leave the resolution at the new settings if you can see the tool bar and icons. In case you cannot see some items, reduce the resolution down.
Secondly increase DPI using MS paint:
To do it, open the image that you need to edit in paint.
Make a note of its height and width.
Press File - Properties.
Now you can change the height and width.
Enter Ok