Language bar missing

I know this has been asked a million times before and honestly as an IT professional I am almost embarrased to ask, but I have tried every solution I have been able to google and nothing has worked for me.

My problem is simple – I dont have a language bar in my taskbar and cant switch between keyboards.

I have two keyboards added in my settings – Czech which I am using normally (that works fine) and English (USA) which I am used to use for programming and other things. From my other machines I am used to switch around using Alt+Shift, but on my new Windows 10 laptop it doesnt work.

What have I tried:

Confirm that I have the other keyboard added correctly

Go to Settings – Region and language – I have Windows display language and Preffered language set to English (United States)

When I click on English in the Preffered language and go to Options, I see two keyboards set – Czech and English

Confirm that keyboard can be switched

Settings – Region and language – Advanced keyboard settings

Confirm that icon should show in the taskbar

Go to Taskbar settings – Turn systems icons on or off – the Input Indicator is switched to On

I even tried to add a value to the registry as per this advice.

Yet, there is no language bar anywhere in my tray and I cant switch to English keyboard, which is very annoying.


Try adding a whole new language instead of just a keyboard to see if that will force the input indicator onto the taskbar.

Also, the new keyboard shortcut to change keyboard input language is Windows key + Space. See if that helps.


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