Passwords Repeatedly Rejected for E-mail Sign-in

Hello. I have an old e-mail address (.live) that I no longer use, and I need to get into it so I can change the “back-up” e-mail address

I originally used when I set it up, so I can use that back-up address to set-up a new Google account. I tried to log-in to the old e-mail address, but Microsoft keeps rejecting my password. I’ve reset it a few times now, and have tried typing it in manually and using copy-and-paste to ensure that the correct password was used each time, but it continuously says that the password is incorrect; however, if I try to reset it using a password I already created, it says I cannot reuse a previously created password (so, it recognizes the password as being attached to the account in this stage, but it won’t recognize it when I try to log-in.) How do I get into this account?! It’s driving me crazy not being able to access my accounts and is making me worry about their security!! We are still on Windows 7, just in case that matters.

Thank you in advance for any and all (kind) suggestions. If you are going to be rude, please do not respond.

URL to the sign-in page I’ve been attempting to use:


Hi, Kindly check this link to recover your old account.Thanks.