How to create a Recovery Drive ISO (If possible)

I found how to create a recovery drive from Control Panel > Security and Maintenance > Recovery, and even made a recovery drive from a 128GB USB. But I need to know something…

I’m trying to use the 128GB thumbdrive to create a multi-boot recovery “Swiss Army Knife” containing AOEMI Backupper, Avast Antivirus, Windows 10 Recovery, and Windows 10 Install Media.  I have ISOs of AOEMI, Avast, and the installation media, but need one for my recovery drive option.  Is there a direct way to make a recovery drive ISO, without needing to “burn” to the thumbdrive, rip it, and possibly convert the image?  The recovery drive image is about 8GB and the programs I have are having problems handling it.  If there isn’t a direct way, there should be one for people like me trying to make similar “Swiss Recovery Knives”.


Respect for your efforts, but I believe there's a better way: Learn how to make a disk image.

When you make a disk image every day, or even more often, you always have an up-to-date, known good copy of your computer. It takes just minutes to make an image and minutes to restore one. And my imaging software makes images every day, automatically, while I'm sleeping.

Why spend hours trying to recover when it's quick and easy to just go back in time?


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