Trying to Update Windows 10 – “We couldn’t connect ot the update service”

Windows 10 has never updated since I installed it at launch. I am trying to update it now, however I get the above error message. Any ideas? I have used the Troubleshooter feature, but that did not work



Please use Autoruns to delete 34 entries where the words “File not found” appear. With Autoruns you can uncheck an item, which disables it from starting, or you can right click an item and then delete it. Click the Everything tab and look for the rows highlighted in yellow. To delete a disabled item you need to recheck it before you can delete it.


The Event Viewer System log does not show that the computer was restarted and that you waited 20 minutes before you obtained a copy of the log. This was needed to enable me to check what we had just done. Can you now do this please?