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Hi. I made a clean install of Windows 10 1607 because i didnt liked 1709 for many reasons but after hiding 1709 update in WuShowHide and downloading some updates for 1607 the update assistant somehow got to my PC and started downloading 1709 update saying my device needs security updates. Is there a way to stop it? because i dont want 1709 because dont really like it and i want to stay on 1607. I can do a clean install and disable it after the install if someone can tell me how to disable it :/



In order to prevent your computer from getting the latest Windows features, you may turn on the defer upgrade option. Please see Defer upgrades in Windows 10 for the steps. You may also enable the metered connection option to prevent the updates to install automatically. To learn how, check out Metered connections in Windows 10.

Let us know if you need further help.


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