Upgrade automatic

ON 29th April 2017 windows 10 automatically upgraded my computer. Since then, hardly anything is left on it. My printer had disappeared and I cannot see how to get it back, also my desktop is practically free of icons. (About 5) The computer is u.s. now. I managed to get my favourites back ( I don’t know how!) Could someone please tell me what I can do. In very simple language please, as I am not very computer literate. Also, is there a way I can turn off the automatic update, so that it will not happen again? Thank you so much. Dianne


Hi Dianne,An automatic update is supposed to update the computer and also keep the files. It is when a computer is reset to factory settings that files are deleted, if you choose to do so. In this case, it would be best to restore the PC from a specific point in the past so you can recover your files. Check this support article and then browse to the Restore section for instructions.To turn off auto-updates, please check Andry's answer in this thread. Let us know if you need more help.