Window update for windows 110

I have just updated my new Hp desktop which came with windows 10 with the latest window 10 update . Unfortunately my desktop screen now just flashes as if it is on a loop and I can’t do anything except ctrl ,alt delete to get into the configuration mode. I have spoken to microsoft help and they arranged for me to download a windows 10 iso file( 4gb) to my old computer. I then copied this file to a dvd which I inserted to my faulty  computer but i can’t get the computer to read this disk . I tried in safe mode which would let me into the disk and start the set up  but it would not let me actually load any files.  Any help would be appreciated   


Use whichever method shown in this link works to access Advanced Startup Options to try Startup Repair, or Go Back to old OS.

You may need to create bootable  media using the Media Creation Tool on another PC, power up with media inserted while pressing BIOS Boot Menu Key, choose UEFI version of media if offered, or plain version if not, browse to second screen to Repair Your Computer, then Advanced Troubleshoot options for repairs.  Note that this media must be specially created using the tool as it illustrates, not just copied to stick!

If Startup Repair doesn't help then try Go Back to Old OS, or see if you can get into Safe Mode with Networking via How to enter Windows 10 Safe Mode which may not be available from booted media but can be triggered by using the Command Prompt to run the commands provided, which after a restart unlocks the legacy F8 Advanced Boot Options menu hidden in Windows 10. 

If you can get into Safe Mode work through the Windows 10 Performance and Install Integrity Checklist - Microsoft Community to try to get Windows 10 to start normally. 

If nothing else helps then return to the Advanced Startup Options to try to Reset Your Windows 10 PC , or if that fails boot the media to Rescue Files when Windows Won't Start and then do the vastly superior Clean Install Windows 10  which compiles the best install one can have that will stay that way as long as you stick with the tools and methods in the link.

Please note that no matter how many failures to repair, unless the hardware is failing you can always use bootable media to Clean Install Windows 10  and will likely end up with a vastly better install that doesn't have these kinds of problems. 

Feel free to ask back any questions and let us know how it goes.


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