Windows 10 Home Single Language ISO DOWNLOAD..

Can anybody please confirm that is ths windows 10 1709 ISO file downloaded from

Contains ths Windows 10 v1709 Home Single Language edition also. Please tell somebody as I dont want to waste my GB due to limited metered cinnection in my locality. 

Solution 1

Hi, no that download will not contain the Single language version of Windows 10

You need the 1703 ISO to get the Single Language version. Click the link below and using the drop down selections, select Windows 10 - 1703 - Single language to download the ISO

Use this tool to download Windows USB/DVD Tool to create Windows 10 bootable media from the ISO:

Solution 2

Microsoft no longer publishes a Single Language ISO with Windows 10 1709. You will need to first download Windows 10 Home Single Language 1703 then upgrade to 1709 using the following resource:

Step 1: download Windows 10 1703 from the following link:

Choose the following:

- Windows Final
- Windows 10, version 1703
- Windows 10 Single Language
- English
- x64 (64 bit) x32 (32 bit)

Step 2: create a bootable copy

Step 3: perform a custom install


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