2 problems in wmp on new windows 10 desktop PC: unable to get rid of/move album art from 1st position & unable to start where i left off in the “play” section under playlist (right side panel)

just purchased new desktop pc with windows 10 & trying to get my music in line.  under “choose columns” album art is 1st & wont let me remove or relocate down the list. 

when i choose my music for the day, I pick thru the songs in the & put them in the “play” list under the “PLAY BURN OR SYNC” tabs. even if i save the list by giving it a name or not, the arrows pointing left or right where you give your playlist a name (if you want) do not work. ie the left arrow allowing me to pick up where i left off.   If this is the norm for windows 10, please inform me as to which version of wmp came with windows 7 so I can find it & use it as I have never had any issues with my old pc WMP.

thank you!!

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Solution 1

To hide the album art in WMP's library, click the little arrow on the left of the Search field, and select
Details instead of Expanded tile. Does that help?

Regarding your second issue, I'll first need to look at WMP on my Windows 10 system. I'll do that and report back as soon as I find some more time.

Solution 2

Hi anileya4994,

The arrow pointing to the right will only work if you have multiple list.

The arrow pointing to the left will only work if you created a previous list.

Hope it helps,


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