Transfer Win 10 license to a new PC


I bought a new PC and read that I can transfer my Windows 10 license to it and I have a few questions.


Few years ago I used Win 7 Pro license to install my two PC’s.

When FREE update came I upgraded both of them to Windows 10 x64 PRO.

Yesterday I assembled a new PC which will replace one of them and I want to transfer the license to it from the one it is replacing.

The question is if I transfer the activation license will I lose the activation on the second PC or not?


What are the steps to do the actual license transfer?


The simple answer to your question is no you cannot transfer your (free upgrade) licenses from 1PC device to the another, the free upgrade is tied to the original PC device (this was part of the original agreement) - (similar as for OEM version of the OS), for the rest of it's working life.

You will need to purchase a retail version / orkey, to get activation on your (gamma) PC.


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