Unable to Set Printer to Default (Windows 10 Control Panel) & Unable to Print from Office suite or add printer- ACTIVE DIR DOMAN SERVICES UNAVAILABLE

Two issues:  I was able to Add a printer using Windows 10 Control Panel, However, I am unable to set the printer as Default Printer. When I right click to press Set as Default – Nothing Happens.  No check mark to show the default printer. I am NOT using, let windows use the last printer used.

Second, I am unable to add a printer to Office Suite programs.  Even though the Printer has been added (although not set as default, per above issue) – When I click on Add a Printer, I get:  The Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable.  Not finding any printers loaded.

I have already checked on the Printer Spooler services to make sure they are set to Auto & Started.  I have already uninstalled and reinstalled printer program, and made sure drivers are up to date.  The printer are shown on the my Network.

Please HELP.  Thanks.


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