Error when re-installing Windows 10 – FolderProvider.dll

I’m trying to use the ‘Reset this PC’ option under Settings -> Recovery on Windows 10 to reinstall Windows 10.  I receive the systemreset error below.  I’ve also tried re-installing Windows 10 from:

I receive an installation failure using that option too.  Does anybody have ideas of how to get around this installation error so I can re-install Windows?  

*** Update ****

I should also mention I don’t have the product key for Windows 10.  The PC originally came with Windows 7 for which I do have the product key.  I received Windows 10 as part of the free upgrade from Microsoft.  

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Hi Mark,

You may perform a repair upgrade of Windows 10. Kindly refer to the wiki article created by Andre Da Costa on this link.

As long as your Windows is activated before performing the repair upgrade of Windows 10, you don't have to worry about any activation issue.

Should you need further assistance, feel free to get back to us.